Friday, June 23, 2017

Jack's book Review

My book reveiw

My book review on
Diary of a wimpy kid
  • Greg Heffley (or known as Gregory)
  • Rodrick (older brother)
  • Manny (youngest brother)
  • Mum (Mrs. Heffley)
  • Dad (Mr. Heffley)
  • Rowley (Greg's friend)

   Author: Jeff Kinney
Plot, the backstory:
Diary of a wimpy kid is about a 12 year old boy named Greg.

Rodrick the oldest brother, Throws a party when he was not meant to his parents went for a vacation. During the party Gregs parents call to say that they were coming home. That meant that Roderick had to stop the party and clean up.
When Greg was helping Rodrick for the party, he got locked in the basement by Rodrick.

Rodrick is teaching Greg shortcuts in life, Greg and Rodrick have a big fight because Greg  tells mom that Rodrick had a party then Rodrick finds out that Greg told mom that he had a party

The setting is mostly Heffleys house and sometimes the school in America

How many pages are there: 217
Thank you for listening!

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Amrits trip to Wellington
Remember that time when we saw tall buildings as we Walk through the busy city, and stopped at subway.
Remember the time when we walked through a haunted house feeling creepy touches on us.
And we bought flavoured drinks and chips.
Remember that time when cyclone cook blows past your house, and the wind wooshes past
Then you scream while the power cut hits you.
And you go to reception asking for a room, and sleeping overnight when you had a big day.

That was summer

That was summer
Remember that time when
You were floating above the water on your boogie board
And splashing in waves
Then your face gets covered with the sparkling water
And that steaming hot sand when you try to walk across?
Remember that time comes you smell the sea water with chlorine
                     THAT WAS SUMMER!

The camp was usual enough

The camp was usual enough it had,
A  playground, horses, cabins, tents, restaurant, dogs , and a river
I never got to swim in. My friend and I did What girls do, play funny games in the
Playground, and tell stories in the tent.
We all sat on a
Horse, shot arrows in archery,
Tied knots in pioneering, paddled on a raft,
And achieving teamwork in the mud run.
Doing important things.

                  By Amrit


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